The Benefits of Buying A LoL Smurf

Buying a LoL smurf is something that many players do, even if they are very good at the game. And that’s because it gives them a great set of benefits. I’ll explore several of them below.

Exploring New Roles, Champions, Item Builds, and Strategies

The last thing you want to do is try out new things on your high Elo account. This is ineffective because it takes a relatively small number of losses to significantly drop in Elo but a large number of games to practice and master even a single new champion.

When you want to learn something completely new, just buy a LoL smurf and practice in a lower division where mistakes and suboptimal item builds are perfectly fine. If you do it on your main account, you will be playing at a huge disadvantage. Especially if you’re in Platinum+. Because at that level, every player is picking his best champions. If you’re improvising, you’re doing that against someone who probably has hundreds of games with the champion he has picked against you and will most likely outfarm and outlevel you with ease.

For new item builds and strategies, the disadvantage is less severe because you can try them using a champion that you’ve already mastered. However, it’s still a good idea to play your first 5-10 games on a LoL smurf before risking your Elo on your main account.

By far, buying a LoL smurf and practicing on it is most essential when learning how to play a new role. If you’re used to playing Mid all the time and you’re trying to train your Support skills, the first 25-50 games are going to feel very awkward.

Whenever you play on a League of Legends smurf account, you feel like it doesn’t really matter if you win or lose. Because it’s just a practice account. This gives you the feeling of complete relaxation that you need and the desire to push the limits of your abilities. Things that you may never have the courage to try on your main, you will gladly try on your LoL smurf.

Giving Yourself a Respite

Whether you’re on a big winning streak or losing streak on your main account, it is usually beneficial to stop after a certain number of games and just have fun at a lower tier. This helps you to rebuild your confidence in case you’ve lost more than 3 games in a row, or casually practice and not force your luck if you’ve won more than 3 games in a row.

The more games you lose in a row, the more likely it is to continue losing because you’re demoralized. To combat this, simply log out of your main account and play some fun games.

Competing at your normal Elo is often quite stressful. It should be fun cause it’s just a game. But League of Legends is never just a game. You want to win at all costs and you suffer when you lose several times in a row. Because these kinds of episodes are unavoidable, you want to have a plan for dealing with them. And the best solution is to buy a LoL smurf.

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