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Calculate your MMR | League of Legends MMR Checker
Calculate your MMR | League of Legends MMR Checker
Calculate your MMR | League of Legends MMR Checker
Calculate your MMR | League of Legends MMR Checker
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What Is My MMR Calculator

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What Is MMR in League of Legends?

If you play LoL, you’ve probably asked yourself more than once: “What’s my MMR? Where can I find a LoL MMR checker that will help me discover my League MMR?” Using our tool, you can actually calculate your MMR in League of Legends. Read on to learn how to use it.

Choose Correctly Your Region on LoL Account

When using our LoL MMR checker to discover your LoL MMR, you will be asked to select your region. If your account is on EU West, select EUW. Likewise, if it’s on the North American (NA), EU North-East (EUNE), or South Korean (KR) server, please select the appropriate option.

What Affects Your MMR?

League Points increase or decrease every time you play, based on your result. But the amount by which they increase or decrease varies based on your hidden MMR. If your MMR is considerably higher than that of your current bracket, you are expected to more often. And when you do win, your reward is smaller. But if you lose, the punishment is greater. MMR changes every time you lose or win a ranked game. Normal games do not count. That is why, if you want to learn a new champion or test a new strategy, you should play unranked.

How To Check MMR in LoL

While there is no official way to check your LoL MMR, you can still find it using our MMR calculator. This tool can be very useful while trying to master the game. It will give you a pretty accurate idea of how well you are expected to play in your current bracket. If you’re secretly regarded as a relatively strong player, the LoL matchmaking system will expect you to crush your opponents. If you’re regarded as an underdog, you’ll suffer less from a defeat and gain great rewards for each victory.

MMR Calculator from HappySmurf

The LoL MMR Calculator we have on HappySmurf will give you an accurate estimate of what your LoL MMR is at the moment. Using our MMR checker you can quickly figure out what level you are at regardless of your current bracket. The HappySmurf MMR checker will not require you to provide any data that could compromise your account. The process is 100% safe and it’s intended to help you discover a key number Riot simply won’t show you. What you do once you’ve learned it is up to you. You might discover that you’re much better than your current rank. Or you might learn that you’re actually exactly where you deserve.

How to Increase Your MMR in LoL

You cannot expect to gain MMR without improving your mechanical skills and your understanding of the game. The reason why some players have higher MMR than others has to do primarily with their win rate. And to improve it, there is only one method: get better! Here are some quick tips to gaining LoL MMR: specialize in a role and learn its most important champions. When you learn a new champion, make sure you spam it. Otherwise you will make progress much slower. Try different skill builds and different item builds and see what works best for your particular style. Quite often, you will need to adapt to the enemy lineup and to the pace of the game.

Frequently asked questions

What Is the Difference between ELO and MMR?

ELO represents your current number of points for the ongoing season. MMR is something more fundamental, reflecting your overall skill level. Your Elo doesn’t get transferred from one season to the next. MMR does.

Why Should I Check My MMR?

Checking your LoL MMR can tell you how good you are overall as a player, regardless of your current Elo. And you can find it very quickly using our LoL MMR checker.

What Are the Ranks in League of Legends?

In League of Legends, there are 9 ranks or skill brackets. Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger. The higher you climb, the stronger the players and the smaller the bracket. But the bracket with the highest number of players isn’t Iron. It’s Silver.

How Does MMR Affect Ranked Games and League Points?

The higher your MMR, the lower your reward (League Points) is going to be when you win a match. And vice versa. That’s because if you have a high MMR relative to your current bracket, you’re expected to do better than average.

Calculate your MMR | League of Legends MMR Checker