Elo Boosting In League of Legends

League of Legends is a highly competitive video game in which everyone wants to win. But as you probably know, winning is not that easy. You often make one mistake and the match is lost. And since you represent just 20% of your team, that mistake is generally made by one of your teammates. What this means is that you’re likely to be quite frustrated a lot of the time because you’ve lost hundreds of Elo points because of your team. And that’s where LoL Elo Boosting comes in handy.

What Is Elo Boosting in LoL?

Boosting in League of Legends is the act of temporarily offering a high-rank player from a trusted boosting service the possibility to play on your account and bring it to a higher rank. If you’re a Silver player, you probably want to play in the Gold or even the Platinum division. And the better you are relative to your Silver peers, the more obvious and annoying their mistakes will be for you. Losing two, three, or even 10 times in a row when it’s not your fault can cause you to quit the game entirely because you can’t stand the pain anymore.

All of this can be solved by a professional booster, whose skills are so much better than those of Silver players that he can practically win almost every match on his own. It usually takes just several days for someone of that caliber to bring your Elo where it should be. And if you lose in that higher tier, at least you fail at your own hands and can learn something valuable each time, instead of failing at the hands of an incompetent teammate.

Another big advantage of Elo boosting in LoL is that it gives you the chance to experience the game at a higher level and learn from stronger players. When you compete with talented players whose strategic skills are as good as yours or even better, you automatically become stronger just by seeing what they do during each match.

To give you a comparison, if you go to a foreign country and get the chance to listen all day to how the natives talk, you will learn that language much faster than if you had to imagine everything in your head. Another example is moving to a better school. The moment you are surrounded by more capable people, your mind starts to adapt to that environment and you pick up new ways of thinking without even realizing it.

How LoL Elo Boosting Works?

To get your rank boosted, you simply visit the website of a serious provider of Elo boosting LoL services and place an order. You will also have the chance to talk to their customer service team, just in case you have any questions or fears about the whole process. Rest assured though, with over 100 million people playing League of Legends, the Elo boosting industry has grown to the point where it is fully reliable.

Any professional provider of boosting services wants their customers to be happy and recommend them to their friends. Thousands of LoL enthusiasts go through this process every day and their feedback will put your worries to sleep. This is a reliable business and your account is in good hands. Just make sure you utilize the services of a reputable company and don’t go to unknown individuals who have nothing to lose if they scam you and disappear with your precious account.

When placing an order to get your account boosted, you will be asked a number of questions such as: what is your desired Elo? What are the credentials of your account? Etc. Based on your requests, the boosting shop will let you know what your order will cost you and then proceed to handle it.

Your LoL account will be offered to a highly skilled player such as a GrandMaster or a Challenger. And you’ll be asked not to interfere with it until the completion of the process, which shouldn’t take long unless you want to get a massive boost. All the information you may want to know will be offered to you when you place the order. And if you have more questions, you can check the vendor’s FAQ section or talk to their customer service directly.

Client Concerns

League of Legends Elo boosting is not rocket science and it’s extremely safe. Of course, anyone who has invested months or even years into an account will feel uneasy the first time when they use this type of service: “what if they don’t give back my account? What if Riot finds out and my account gets banned? What if they mess up and I lose some of my current Elo? Etc. Etc.”

Every LoL player worries in a similar way. But it’s all in the customer’s mind. The professional Elo boosting providers know that their business is safe. And they even offer guarantees to people, just to help them get over their initial fears.

How Much Does LoL Boosting Cost?

The cost of any LoL boosting operation depends on the quality of the service provider and your current rank. The higher your rank, the more it will cost you to buy an even higher one. If your rank is Silver IV and you want to get to Gold IV, it will cost you around $60. But if you’re a Platinum IV player that wants to get to Diamond IV, that same order will cost you $160.

Of course, it’s up to you how many tiers you want to gain without having to worry about being dragged back by unskilled teammates. You may even ask for a single one. Usually, people ask for anywhere between 1 and 3. This allows them to climb at an altitude that’s high enough to keep them away from many of the annoying mistakes they’ve come to hate.

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