KING RAMMUS – League of Legends Rare Skin

This LoL skin could be obtained by those players who took part in the closed beta testing of League of Legends many, many years ago [release date: 21/10/2009].

Basically, he was turning Rammus into … mmm, let’s just say he was making Rammus look like the villainous Bowser turtle from the Mario Brothers series of games. Now Riot, which has since become a megacorporation with offices around the world, can no longer afford to so shamelessly steal images from other franchises.

It is unfortunate that such a ultra rare skin does not have some unique design (by modern standards). This appearance is a recolored version of the standard appearance of Rammus and does not modify the visual effects of this hero’s abilities in any way. And yet, the fact that King Rammus is a very, very rare skin will make you look at its owner with a little envy.

How much is King Rammus worth?

Since the are no more eligible League skin codes for the King Rammus, an League of Legends account with the skin on it is pretty valuable.

Prices start at $30

How to get King Rammus in 2021?

Only way to get it is buying an account that has the King Rammus, usually there is alot of shops that sell such accounts with limited skins and usually have a price between $30 up to $50.

This skin has never been and will not be available in the official League of Legends store.

Only given to closed beta participants in 2009.

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