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Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege that will be useful for beginners
Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege that will be useful for beginners
Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege that will be useful for beginners
Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege that will be useful for beginners

Tips for playing Rainbow Six Siege that will be useful for beginners

Feb 06 , 2024

R6 is one of the most vibrant and dynamic shooters with a high percentage of destructibility during assault operations, which is on a par with CS GO and Valorant in terms of popularity and involvement in e-sports.

Ubisoft followed Valve’s path and offered players the concept of battles between special forces and terrorists, supplemented the format with unique characters with special skills and tools for fighting, and added destructibility to the game and the ability to fight with all available tools to complete the task.

The most interesting format is r6 rank boosting, in which you will play against the same team of five players not for interest, but for position in the league, which can increase or decrease and based on your rank, they will select full-fledged opponents for you.

Rainbow Six Siege

Basic tips for conducting an assault

In Rainbow Six, you will play for two sides of the conflict with a change of sides halfway through the match, which means that you will fully experience both offensive and defensive actions.

The special forces always storm the building to free the hostages, or to deactivate the bomb that the terrorists plant and secure in the building to prevent the police from knocking them out.

In total, you need to win 7 rounds to win the entire map.

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Conduct reconnaissance

Of course, in this format of games there is a strict time period that is allocated for one round and the players of the other team are waiting for your arrival, but when it comes to reconnaissance, it is knowledge of the enemy’s location in order to decide on the location of the assault that plays a key role in the correctness of the chosen direction and chances of ending the round in your favor.

Essentially, you need to quickly analyze the territory, determine whether there are terrorists in open areas where they could be eliminated to simplify the assault, and decide on entry points into the building.

This could be the basement, windows, roof, or even demolition of one of the walls.

For reconnaissance, you can use proximity tools such as scopes and binoculars, launch various drones, and simply conduct visual observation.

Keep in mind that in dynamics, you will need to very quickly assess the situation and make a decision on action, because the time for the round is limited and it is not endless.

Tips for the assault itself

Try to wait 10–15 seconds at the beginning of the round, taking advantageous positions around the perimeter. Often in a terrorist team there are players who are looking for easy kills and trying to catch the special forces by surprise – this tactic can be understood, especially if you are confident in your abilities; if successful, it will allow you to leave the attack aircraft in the minority, which will greatly weaken the assault process, which is already not advantageous due to the need for superiority to attack enemies.

So, you can catch and kill such players and gain a tactical and quantitative advantage for your team – now terrorists will not be able to cover at least one approach to the building, which, although it does not guarantee your victory, but significantly increases the likelihood, and the more rounds you win, the greater the chance of winning the match and boosting the R6 rating.

Use cover

Many players continue to play Rainbow Six as in CS GO, although there is no mechanics of peeking out from behind cover, but in the project from Ubisoft, it is there.

This approach will allow you to inflict damage on the enemy while remaining in relative safety, with a greater chance of surviving due to cover and barriers that can stop bullets.

Attack from multiple directions

No matter how strongly the enemy is strengthened, if the assault comes from several directions, at least two, then you may simply not have time to react and there will be losses among the defenders and special forces will get through to the point of holding hostages or planting a bomb.

For example, an assault from the roof and basement will force the defenders to either pull towards the center of the house or defend two directions at once, while special forces can combine their efforts and constantly change the pace and degree of pressure during the assault and stretch the enemy’s defenses.


If a wall is in your way, or you think that an enemy is hiding behind it and there are no hostages around, then you can simply blow it up, or shoot it with an automatic weapon.

Your main task is not to save money to complete the main task – the destruction of a group of terrorists, minimal or no losses among special forces, the release of hostages, or defusing a bomb.

Use your agents’ skills

Each agent in R6 has his own unique skills and capabilities that can and should be used in battles and during reconnaissance.

This could include launching drones, installing traps and listening devices, working with weapons and grenades – each hero is unique and unlike other characters.

Tips for defenders

If you have gone over to the side of the defenders or terrorists who have captured an important object and must hold it, then using a number of tips you can increase your chances of winning and increasing your rating in Rainbow Six Siege.

Don’t push

Don’t risk starting the round with your team outnumbered for the sake of wanti in ng to eliminate one of the attackers. A good position inside the house and the placement of traps and grenades will give you just as good a chance with less risk.

Do not take cover near fragile walls and weak barriers – they can be destroyed by small arms fire, grenades, or blown up when the assault begins, and you can quickly become an observer of the match if you are not careful.

Before the start of the match, do not waste time and install as many traps and mines as possible in the most tricky places where the enemy either will not expect to see them there, or will think that they will not be placed there.

If you are lucky and eliminate at least one attack aircraft without even engaging in battle with him, then you will significantly increase the likelihood of ending the round in your favor.

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