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LoL Account Trade

Unlucky after your placement accounts? Want a new smurf LoL account? We’ve got you covered!
🔥We offer account trade🔥

How it works?

You buy unranked 50k+ be account from us, if you are not satisfied with your rank after placement games you can trade your account to a new one

Some requisites:

– The LoL account must have been bought at our website [50k+ be euw/na];
– Must have 5+ games played in ranked;
– The email must be unverified;
– It should not have any chat ban or warning;
– Account must have at least honor 2;
– Scripting is prohibited;
– You cant use software/bots, play by hands only.

Rank in League of Legends EUW/NA Type of LoL account you get
Iron 1-460.000 Blue Essence
Bronze 1-450.000 Blue Essence
SilverNo need
Gold 1-450.000 Blue Essence
Platinum 4 100.000 Blue Essence
Emerald No need
Diamond 4 By arrangement