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Best LoL Duo Platforms 2024
Best LoL Duo Platforms 2024
Best LoL Duo Platforms 2024
Best LoL Duo Platforms 2024

Best LoL Duo Platforms 2024

Published: Apr 11 , 2024 / Modified : Jul 12 , 2024
Time to read: 11 min
Find LoL Duo

In recent years, teamwork has become an integral aspect of winning in League of Legends, with the game abandoning its former one-man carry identity.

Nowadays, having quality teammates by your side is a recipe for success which is why duo queue rose in popularity. Sadly, many players struggle to find suitable duo partners since solo queue is full of toxic trolls and unskilled players.

Currently, the most effective way to find a duo that fits your needs is by using duo finder tools whose purpose is to connect you with a perfect teammate.

#1 Duoo – Best duo finder

Duo Finder



Duo Finder

Personalized posts posted on Duoo’s finder are undoubtedly the best and easiest way to find new duos while using this website. Dozens of players that are looking for duos post new posts every day and you can find the perfect duo in a matter of seconds.

On top of that, these posts allow users to describe themselves with a short textual description which adds more personal flavor overall.

Discord Integrated

If you’re someone who spends hours chatting in Discord’s server lobbies and voice calls, you’re going to love Duoo’s bot, Miko. This Discord bot boasts all of the amazing functionalities of the website while operating in the comfort of your Discord server. What’s more, this bot can help you join other connected Discord servers who are using Miko.

Friendly Community

Duoo works hard to maintain a friendly, welcoming community with several unique features that are designed to combat LoL toxicity. By using custom ratings and reviews that measure a player’s attitude and teamwork, you’re able to know if someone’s toxic before you even queue up. In addition, every profile has a comment section where other duos can leave unfiltered positive or negative feedback.

Duoo Leaderboard

This site hosts a best duo leaderboard where you can compete with other users based on your Duoo rating which encourages friendly competitiveness among the player base. 

As a result, players who are using the website to find duos will always try extra hard to perform well and be friendly to get a positive review.


Public rank and win rate

Some players who feel self-conscious about their win rate, rank, or match history may dislike the fact that Duoo displays such data publicly on the website.

#2 Duo OP.GG




OP.GG Syncing

A great aspect of using this duo finder is the fact that their search algorithm and profile page use information that’s synced with OP.GG profiles. This comes as a great strength since OP.GG has very detailed profile pages with a lot of useful information that helps determine someone’s skill.

For example, while browsing for profiles registered on the website you will see awards such as MVP or ACE as well as achievements such as win streaks.

Simple and Effective 

OP.GG finder’s search engine is very simple yet powerful, allowing you access to all of the crucial information without too much hassle. Potential duo partners will have all of the essential information displayed such as their rank, region, and favorite champions as well as a personalized note. 

Large Player Base

This website is one of the biggest LoL platforms which is why it shouldn’t surprise you that there are hundreds of new users registering on the duo finder every day. For this reason, it’s easy to find the right person to queue up with regardless of your rank, region, and skill level.


Lack of Casual Player Base

If you’re someone who is looking for a duo that isn’t primarily focused on ranked climbing, you may run into a headache while using this finder. That’s because the majority of the users are looking for duo partners to tryhard ranked duo queue with, leaving the casual players who prefer normals or ARAM empty-handed.

No Discord Support

Given how essential voice communication between gamers is nowadays, it’s very inconvenient that the website isn’t synced with Discord. This means that you cannot add or find someone on Discord when looking through their OP.GG profile page.

#3 Challengermode




Competitive Nature

The main reason that makes Challengermode’s team finder a powerful duo finder tool is the fact that there are many competitive high elo players looking for teammates and duo partners on the website. This is because Challengermode hosts tournaments with valuable cash prizes which naturally attracts skilled players who are looking to compete.

Teaming up with these players and befriending them is a great idea as it’s very useful to have high elo players as duo partners, increasing your likelihood of winning.

Smurf Support

This feature comes as a blessing for players who often find themselves switching between their main account and one of their many smurf accounts. Challengermode supports and displays multiple accounts being linked to a single profile on their page, even if they’re not from the same region.


Lackluster Profile Page

While the website makes the duo finding process easy, it generally lacks enough general information once you visit someone’s profile. 

Apart from presenting you with the most basic information such as the player’s rank and region, the website fails to provide you with other key information such as win rate, champion preference, or match history.

Visual Bugs

The website runs smoothly for the most part, but there are persistent visual bugs such as icons not properly displaying that get annoying after some time.

One of the main flaws of this finder is the persistent bugs, most notably when you try to get personalized duo suggestions. To top it off, the website gets even buggier when used on a mobile device since it’s not designed for mobile users.

#4 Senpai




Detailed Profile Page

Once you’ve found a player that could be your perfect match on the website’s finder, you can see an in-depth analysis of their skills on the profile page. 

Apart from providing you with the user’s match history that can be filtered by roles and champions they’ve played, you can see some unique information about the user such as the champion they’ve dealt the highest damage with or had the highest CC score.

Activity Chart

Another neat detail about the Senpai’s profile page is their activity tracker which displays the summoner’s recent activity on the profile. You can even see when they played, for how long, and their win rate in that gaming session.

This feature makes it easy to separate active players from inactive ones which saves time when looking for a duo partner.


Inactive Player Base

Even though the website has a lot of registered users, Senpai does suffer from inactivity, especially on some servers. For example, NA players will have a much tougher time finding a duo that’s actively using the website than the EU players since the website is more popular in EUW and EUNE.

Occasional Bugs 

Persistent bugs dampen the user experience, most notably when you try to fetch personalized duo suggestions. To top it off, the website gets even buggier when used on a mobile device since it’s not designed for mobile users.

#5 Turboboost




Playing with high elo players

Since Turboboost.gg primarily serves as an elo boosting website, it should come as no surprise that there are plenty of high elo smurfs and Challenger players playing here. Turboboost offers you the option of duo boosting if you want to experience the thrill of sharing the Rift with the best of the best.

The primary advantage of duo boosting is that your booster is highly likely to singlehandedly carry, resulting in winning the majority of your games.

Duo coaching

In addition to duo boosting, this website provides the option of duo coaching, catering to players who are looking to invest in their long-term skills and game knowledge.

By paying for a session of duo coaching, you will participate in a coaching session where you will directly duo queue with your coach. This comes with a wide array of advantages, most notably the fact that you’ll receive real-time advice that’s relevant to your current ranked game.


Paid method of duo finding

Even though lol duo boosting and duo coaching are great ways to increase your MMR and skill level, they require you to pay a certain amount of cash. This can prove to be a dealbreaker for players who are hoping to find a skilled duo partner without the need to spend any money.

No filters 

Unlike other duo-finding tools that try to connect you with duo partners based on certain parameters, Turboboost isn’t equipped with a duo search engine. Without any filters or additional data while browsing, it can take a while until you find the right partner.

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