What is Low Priority Queue in League of Legends?

Before searching for a match, you will need to wait an additional 5, 10, or 20 minutes, depending on the penalty for five games. League of Legends system that Riot implemented to punish players for exiting during games. Those who log out of the game frequently or are at the base will be placed in a low priority queue.
Note: For exiting a ranked game, the chance of getting low priority is higher than in the regular game.

How long will I remain in the low priority queue?

Low priority is given for five games of 5, 10, or 20 minutes.
(By the way, such a cropped plate is now displayed, in which it is not visible how many games are left before unlocking.)

What if I got punished due to lousy internet, the game crashed, etc.

Most likely, these will be your problems since LeaverBuster does not care why you left the game. However, sometimes the Riot will cancel the punishment if the problem was on their part.

How to remove low priority in League of Legends?

Removing low priority in League of Legends can only be done by playing all five punishment games. There are no other options, though. If you don’t have time to wait, HappySmurf.com – The best place to buy LoL account.

What if I quit while picking a champion after waiting in a low-priority queue?

If you exit during the champion selection, the game will not count towards the penalty. We’ll have to wait again for the low priority queue.

If someone else comes out during the champion selection?

If another player (outside of your group) walks out during the champion pick after waiting for a low priority queue, you don’t have to wait for a penalty again.

What happens if you cancel the queue.

If you cancel a low priority queue, you will have to wait for the penalty again.

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