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LoL Patch Schedule 2024 – Stay Updated in LoL
LoL Patch Schedule 2024 – Stay Updated in LoL
LoL Patch Schedule 2024 – Stay Updated in LoL
LoL Patch Schedule 2024 – Stay Updated in LoL

LoL Patch Schedule 2024 – Stay Updated in LoL

Mar 14 , 2024
LoL Patch Schedule 2024

Do you want to know the complete schedule of LOL patch updates for 2024? If yes, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find not only the LOL patch schedule for 2024 but also a lot of other things related to it such as where to practice the updates before the official release.

So, without further ado let’s get started.

Why do I need to know the LOL patch schedule for 2024?

LOL is a highly competitive game. It has more than 150 agents, more than 200 items, and a lot of different aspects of the map. With the release of each patch update, you will see the entire LOL landscape has changed. Some champions get buffed while others get nerfed. At times, there are changes in maps. Other times, items are overhauled.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert player if you go into matches without the knowledge of the latest LOL patches, you will lose brutally. There is no doubt about it.  To win ranked matches, you must know the schedule when the patch updates are expected. So, you can check them as soon as they are out.

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How often do the Riot games release LOL patch updates?

Riot Games, the developer of the League of Legends, releases LOL patch updates after every two to three weeks. 

Does the release of LOL patch updates ever get delayed?

Yes, the release of LOL patch updates can get delayed. If there is a delay, it is published on the website 2 days before the scheduled date. You can check from there.

When will 2024 LOL patches be released?

All LOL patches of 2024 will be released on Wednesday except for two patches. They were scheduled to be released on Thursday. Patch 14.4 was released on Thursday. And, Patch 14.11 will also be released on Thursday.

What time do the LOL patches go live?

LOL patches usually go live in the middle of the night between 3 am and 4 am.

How many patch updates will LOL have in 2024?

There are going to be a total of 24 patch updates of League of Legends in 2024.

How many patch updates of LOL have been released so far in 2024?

Since the beginning of 2024, five patch updates of LOL have been released.

What is the latest patch of LOL?

The latest patch of the League of Legends is 14.5. It was released on March 6, 2024.

When is the new patch update of League of Legends coming?

The new patch update (LoL Patch 14.6) is expected to be released within a week on 20th March 2024.

LOL Patch Schedule 2024

Below is the complete schedule of LOL patch updates for 2024:

14.1Jan 10, 2024Wednesday
14.2Jan 24, 2024Wednesday
14.3Feb 7, 2024Wednesday
14.4Feb 22, 2024Thursday
14.5March 6, 2024Wednesday
14.6March 20, 2024Wednesday
14.7April 3, 2024Wednesday
14.8April 17, 2024Wednesday
14.9May 1, 2024Wednesday
14.10May 15, 2024Wednesday
14.11May 30, 2024Thursday
14.12June 12, 2024Wednesday
14.13June 26, 2024Wednesday
14.14July 17, 2024Wednesday
14.15July 31, 2024Wednesday
14.16Aug 14, 2024Wednesday
14.17Aug 28, 2024Wednesday
14.18Sept 11, 2024Wednesday
14.19Sept 25, 2024Wednesday
14.20Oct 9, 2024Wednesday
14.21Oct 23, 2024Wednesday
14.22Nov 6, 2024Wednesday
14.23Nov 20, 2024Wednesday
14.24Dec 11, 2024Wednesday

How can I prepare for new patch updates of League of Legends?

You can prepare for new patch updates of League of Legends, even before they are released, from play testing servers. For this, you just have to create an account on PBE. If you do this, you will have an edge over other players.


To conclude, it is good to know the LOL patch updates schedule as a lot of players are joining the game and the matches are becoming fierce. If you have the schedule, you will check the update on time and you will perform better than other players. Set a reminder for each patch update on your phone so you won’t miss the release.

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