How LoL Coaching Can Help You

LoL coaching is a great way to learn the game and master it at a fast pace. If you’re a novice, getting help from a League of Legends coach will allow you to save years of trial and error and learn the best practices right from the start. This is similar to learning a language correctly. Instead of developing a flawed way of using it, you acquire it from someone who’s already fluent. But League of Legends coaching is not just for beginners. In fact, the better you are, the more crucial it is, up until a certain point.

The Importance and Difficulty of Acquiring Game Knowledge

The main goal of using LoL coaching is to get to a higher understanding of the game much faster than you would on your own. A great coach can help you see mistakes that you would otherwise not notice. And find optimal decisions that are difficult to discover if you don’t have tens of thousands of hours of experience.

Technique is easy to develop on your own. To master a champion, all you need to do is play it hundreds of times and study the combos, timings, and item builds used by the best players in the world. But to master the game is a completely different challenge. And it’s this second type of mastery that separates bad players from good players and good players from great players. The better your mental model of how the game works and what can be done to win it, the higher you will climb.

At the fundamental level, League of Legends is a game of strategy. The goal is to make good use of your resources, discover and exploit weaknesses in your opponents’ game, and avoid making mistakes of your own. Almost every second of every match, you are making decisions that either help or hurt yourself and your team. Having the wisdom to make better decisions in each type of scenario that you might find yourself in is the key to winning. And that’s what a LoL coach can give you.

The Difference Between Different Tiers

At each tier, players make specific types of errors and have skills that allow them to maintain themselves at that tier. So a Platinum player will know things that a Bronze player doesn’t. But at the same time, he will not understand key aspects of the game that a Challenger has mastered.

Of course, if you’re a Bronze or even a Platinum player, it will be hard for you to imagine just how little you know compared to someone who’s either playing professionally or at least in the Challenger division. But as you start to talk to that person and listen to how he views each particular situation inside the game, you will start to understand how the top players think and what you need to change to reach their level.

Building the Right Attitude

Another thing that a LoL coach can help you with is attitude. Many players fail to climb the ladder because they have the wrong mindset. When they lose, it’s always someone else’s fault. And when they win, they take all the credit for the victory. A good coach will tell you that your current rank, especially if you’ve had it for at least a few months, accurately reflects your current skills.

Someone who is significantly better than the average player who competes in Gold III will eventually climb to a higher division. Because on average, his skills will help him win more games.

A League of Legends coach will get you to focus on improving your understanding of the game rather than on winning every single match. People who are addicted to winning or simply can’t stand losing experience huge emotional swings. The key is to develop an attitude that allows you to look at a victory with the same analytical eye that you use to look at a defeat. And to look at a defeat with the same relaxation with which you look at a victory.

What matters most is how evolve, not how many matches you win. So if you have the right goal, you will understand that both victories and defeats are necessary to learn new things.

Developing the Right Training Regimen

If you want to become a better LoL player, simply playing match after match isn’t enough. A good LoL coach will tell you how to train for optimal results. In other words, how to spend your training time to improve at a great pace. And what to do when you don’t train, so that your training time can be utilized well.

For example, if you don’t sleep enough, you will not be able to focus very well and your ability to make progress and win matches is going to suffer. As for how you train, you will learn that watching replays, taking notes, and analyzing what the world’s best players are doing is just as important as competing.


Overall, LoL coaching is like a vehicle. When you walk from A to B, it takes a certain amount of time. When someone gives you a ride, it takes only a fraction of that time to reach your destination. Instead of relying just on your experience and your ability to learn from it, you can use someone else’s experience and their ability to help you learn from your own.

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