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Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends
Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends
Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends
Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends

Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends

Oct 18 , 2023
Jungle Mastery: The Complete Guide to Playing in the Jungle in League of Legends

Hello gamers! Let’s talk about junglers in League of Legends. If you’ve played in a team, you know that every player is important. But the jungler… he’s special! Why? Because he’s a lone hero who wanders the dark corners of the map, where monsters dwell, and does a bunch of chores for the team.

For example, the jungler is like a babysitter for his teammates. He makes sure enemies don’t hurt them. He also deals with the monsters in the forest. By killing them, the jungler makes the team stronger. In short, without a good jungler, a team is like tea without sugar. Not so tasty, right? In this article, we will learn how to become a great jungler who will lead the team to victory!


Decided to become a jungler? Start here:

  1. How not to get lost. The first thing you need for jungling is to know the map like the back of your hand. Monsters live in certain places called camps, and each one has its own quirks. And remember about the rivers – there are big bosses there, like the Dragon, which gives cool bonuses to the whole team. And yes, don’t forget to look at the mini-map to know what’s going on in other parts of the jungle!
  2. Who to pick? Not every hero can handle life in the jungle. You need someone strong who can move fast, fight and survive. Some champions are good at healing themselves, others are good at killing. Choose depending on your play style, but remember: a jungler must be ready for any surprises!
  3. What to bring with you? Before you head out into the jungle, you need the right gear. Buy items that will help you survive among the monsters, kill them faster, and heal yourself in the process. Usually junglers start with the Hunter’s Talisman or Hunter’s Dagger, as well as health potions. But don’t be afraid to experiment depending on your chosen champion!

In general, to jungle properly, you need to know a lot: where who lives, who to pick to fight, and what to take on a hike.

Jungler’s Tasks

A good jungler is not someone who sits in the bush all the time, but someone who actively helps the team, controls the map and makes wise decisions.

Jungle Farming: How to Properly Mow Monsters

“Farming” in the jungle — it means smashing monsters one by one to get stronger. But here it is important not just to beat all in a row, but to do it wisely: know who is better to kill first, and who can wait. And remember, time is your friend. The faster you farm, the more time you will have for other heroic activities!

Gangi: The Art of Surprise Visits

Gang is when you quietly sneak up on the enemy line and bang! – you help your guys win. But it’s all about timing. Look at the map, watch the enemies, and if you see that your comrade is in trouble – run to help. Or when the enemy is too relaxed – also a good moment for a surprise!

Controlling the bosses: Who’s the Boss in the House

Dragons, Herold, Baron — these big guys give cool power-ups, but killing them is not easy. Your task is to keep an eye on them. Don’t let your enemies kill them, but don’t take any unnecessary risks yourself either. The most important thing is the team. Call your comrades for help when you decide to make such a daring attack!

Allocating Time and Priorities: Finding Balance and Seizing the Moment

So, the jungle is no walk in the park. 

Juggling Tasks: Farming, Gangs, Helping Friends

You need to be able to do a million things at once: farm monsters, ambush enemies, and run to help your team. How do you do it? The key is to keep your eyes open. If you see trouble on the line, run there. If everything is calm, keep farming. The main thing to remember is that you are a team player!

Sensing Important Moments: When it’s Time to Change Tactics

Is the game going on and you notice that something has gone wrong? Perhaps it’s time to make a change. Important “turning points” in the game can be different: for example, enemies have become stronger or one of the lines is losing badly. Your task is to sense these moments and adapt your strategy. Maybe you should help your comrades on the lines? Or gather a team to attack the boss? Be ready for a change!

Remember, a jungle game is about constant movement. You can’t get stuck on one task. Sometimes you need to run faster, sometimes you need to stop and think. And always, always listen to your comrades and keep an eye on the map. This is the only way to win!

Advanced Techniques and Strategies

The jungle is a world full of danger, but also full of opportunity. Use these techniques to keep the situation under control, and remember: you’re on a team.

Invades: When the Enemy is Not Expected to Visit

Invades is when you decide to run into the jungle to visit your enemies. Sounds brave, doesn’t it? But be careful, it can also be dangerous. You can steal resources from the enemy or even catch them off guard, but remember: once you’re caught, you’re in trouble. So weigh the risks and rewards!

Contrails and Eyes Around the Head: Seeing Everything

Vision on the map is your best friend. Use totems and contravards to know what’s going on around you. This will help you avoid surprises from enemies and protect your comrades. Plus, you’ll always know when enemies are approaching your precious bosses!

Team Fighting: Together We Are Strength

In big skirmishes, the jungler can decide a lot of things. It’s your job to choose when to charge into battle and when to retreat. Help your frontliners, protect your allies who can deal a lot of damage, and try to knock out the most dangerous enemies. Be mindful of your role and don’t rush forward if it could end badly.

So, study, train, find your style. Remember about inwades, counterwards, ganks and the right choice of targets. Be ready for changes and adapt to the situation – and then the jungle will become your home, and every game – a chance to show your skills, wit and mastery.

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