How to Play Anivia in LoL

In League of Legends, Anivia is a powerful battlemage that often gets played as support. Its abilities are very powerful, especially in team fights. And the survivability of this champion is greatly enhanced by her passive. If you’d like to master Anivia, here’s what she can do.

Anivia’s Strengths and Abilities

Anivia’s passive, called Rebirth, offers her a free resurrection with a cooldown of 4 minutes. On its own, this ability is not very strong. Because your enemies will simply kill you twice in a row without too many problems. But in team fights, knowing that you can die and then respawn right away at the same spot gives you the confidence to stay close to the action, deal as much damage as you can, and even initiate or tank for your team.

Flash Frost

This is a low-cooldown ability (11 – 7s) that can be spammed once you have a large enough mana pool. It only costs 80 mana at level 1 and 100 at level 5. Because of Anivia’s mana-focused builds, you usually get to 1000 mana very quickly and then no longer have to think about this issue.

Flash Frost deals a lot of damage: 50 – 130 + 25% AP (pass-through damage) and 60 – 200 + 45% AP (explosion damage). Enemies that are hit by it also have their movement speed slowed by 20 – 40%. This percentage is based on the level of your ultimate.

One of the powerful aspects of Flash Frost is that you can recast it while the ice projectile is in flight. Upon doing so, the ice shatters, stunning surrounding enemies and dealing magic damage. The stun duration is 1.1 – 1.5s.


This ability allows you to create a wall of ice that’s usually extremely powerful during team fights because it separates the champions of the opposing side. The wall it creates has great length and width and lasts for 5 seconds. That’s enough time to kill one or two champions, if you managed to trap or separate them from their pack.


This is a targeted spell that deals excellent magic damage (50 – 170 + 60% AP). The damage is doubled if the opponent was hit by Flash Frost or is located inside a Glacial Storm (fully formed).

Glacial Storm

This is the ability that makes Anivia a scary champion to play against. With enough mana, it can deal vast amounts of damage in team fights. And, if you’ve mastered the champion to the point where you know how to use Crystalize to trap your enemies, it also gives you the potential to get solo kills.

Glacial Storm costs 60 + 35 – 55 mana per second, has a 4 – 2s cooldown and deals 30/45/60 +12.5% AP damage every 0.5s. In addition to that, it also slows movement speed by 20/30/40%. Furthermore, the blizzard grows in size over 1.5s and after it has reached maximum size, its damage gets tripled while its slow effect gets a 50% boost.

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