How to Find a LoL Duo Partner
How to Find a LoL Duo Partner
How to Find a LoL Duo Partner
How to Find a LoL Duo Partner

How to Find a LoL Duo Partner

Nov 29 , 2021
adc+support duo

Finding the right LoL duo is something that can be extremely beneficial to you as a player. Not only will you find the game more enjoyable to play, it will also help you climb faster if you manage to find a skilled partner and use the right communication tools.

How to Choose Your LoL Duo Partner

The number 1 consideration when trying to find a good LoL duo partner is their level of skill. If you’re playing with someone who understands the game and has a strategic mind, you will win far more often than you will lose. Ideally, you should find someone who’s highly skilled in a role that’s different than your own and has expertise with at least 3-5 champions. Probably the most common combination is ADC + Support. If you are a good carry and can find a good support, you can crush the bottom lane and then simply snowball from there.

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The second thing you need to consider is the person’s attitude. You simply can’t win every single game. So ideally, you’ll want to find someone who is graceful in both victory and defeat. Otherwise you might end up yelling at each other instead of trying to figure out what went wrong or what could be done to improve a bad situation.

The third consideration is time zone, language, and availability. The ideal partner for a LoL duo is someone who wants to play the game as often as you do, between similar hours, and can speak a language that you both understand. This person doesn’t necessarily have to be one of your real-life friends. They can be anyone you’ve met while playing video games.

What to Do in a LoL Duo

When you team up with someone for games, you should always strive to take advantage of that way of playing League of Legends by ensuring that your communication is exceptional. One of the worst things about playing with a team of complete strangers is that it’s really difficult to bring everyone together. Without leadership, people tend to do their own thing without really making the effort to be good teammates. But if you know someone, you can synchronize much better and create a big advantage for your team.

The first thing you need to do is utilize communication a tool such as TeamSpeak or Discord. Such a tool would allow you to talk at all times during the game and act as a cohesive unit. And when two people start playing together, others are more likely to join them.

How to Find a LoL Duo Partner

One great thing that you can do in a LoL duo is to pick deadly combinations of champions. When playing solo, it’s hard to convince your teammates to play what would work best for you or the team. But if you’re playing with a friend, you can plan ahead and figure out how you’re going to gain an advantage.

LoL Duo Restrictions

Keep in mind that when you are playing in a LoL duo, you need to pick a partner whose rank is similar to yours. You can always go up or down around 1-2 brackets, but that’s about it. So if you’re competing in Silver I, you can’t team up with a Diamond I. Anything above the Gold bracket is forbidden. The same goes for most of the other brackets.

For certain skill brackets, the restrictions are much tighter than for the rest. For example, if you’re a Diamond player, you can only go up or down two divisions. You can’t team up with players that are further than that in terms of skill.

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