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3 Formidable Mid Players in LoL

The history of LoL is filled with amazing Mid players. In this article, you’ll learn a bit more about 3 of the best. One from North America, one from Europe, and, of course, one from South Korea.

1. Bjergsen

Bjergsen started playing professionally around the age of 15. His first team was Western Wolves. He then played for LDLC and Copenhagen Wolves. All this took place over a period of one year. In May 2013, he transferred to NiP, where he spent the rest of that season. The results weren’t spectacular but he got noticed by Team SoloMid, which decided to sign him. So in November 2013, Bjergsen finally found a home. There, he ended up playing for 7 years, and the results are impressive, even though they’re not as good as he would have liked.

Bjergsen finished the NA LCS in 2nd place in 2014 (Spring), 2015 (Spring), 2016 (Spring), and 2019 (Spring). He also won the competition in 2014 (Summer), 2015 (Summer), 2016 (Summer), 2017 (Spring and Summer), and 2020 (Summer). His results at Worlds were modest. The best one came in 2014: 5th – 8th.

Bjergsen retired in 2020 but decided to come back one year later. In November 2021, he joined Liquid and will play for the North American organization at least until the end of 2022.

2. Caps

Caps is another legendary Mid player, even though he’s only 22. Born in Denmark, Caps started playing LoL at an early age and became a pro player in 2015. His most important teams so far have been Fnatic (2 seasons) and G2 Esports (3+ seasons). In both cases, the performance has been spectacular. With Fnatic, Caps won 2 EU LCS titles and played in the Grand Final of Worlds 2018. With G2 Esports, he’s won 1 MSI title, 4 LEC titles, and played in the Grand Final of Worlds 2019.

In 2021, Caps had a bad year because his team wasn’t able to synergize with Rekkles and missed Worlds completely. But there’s a high chance that he will be back stronger in 2022.

3. Faker

Faker is by far the most famous LoL player of all time. Aged 25, he’s already won the World Championship 3 times and played in 4 of its Grand Finals. In 2018 and 2020, T1 missed the competition because it didn’t do well enough in LCK. But in 2019 and 2020, it participated and finished 3rd – 4th. For someone like Faker, these results are not good enough. But his loyalty to the club is extraordinary, so it’s unlikely that we’ll see him leave any time soon. His following as a T1 player is huge and that also has an impact on his salary. It’s estimated that Faker makes several million dollars per year just from his esports contract alone.

Faker plays every Mid champion at a high level but he’s particularly known for his prowess with Ryze, Syndra, LeBlanc, Orianna, and even Zed.

Because of all the roster moves in LCK, it is expected that 2022 will be T1’s year again.

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