North America 150,000 BE

NA League of Legends Smurf



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150,000+ Blue Essence

This account comes with 150,000+ Blue Essence which can be used to purchase champions of your choice.

Level 30+

This League of Legends Unranked smurf is Level 30. You get the highest quality LoL account on the market.

Email & Password changeable

The LoL smurf comes with Unverified email, It means that you can change email address and password to your preferred.

Unranked All Seasons

The ranked status for this account is unranked, meaning that the account has never played any ranked game before. Fresh MMR.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

If something happens to your LoL account, you’re covered by our guarantee! We will make a replacement if something goes wrong.

Instant Deliver 24/7

When you buy an smurf from us, it will be delivered to you instantly via email. Our automated systems work 24/7.


Ever played one of those shooter video games where you got unlimited coins to purchase all the ammo you’ll ever need to take out your opps? (opponents) 

That’s exactly how our Unranked North American 150,000 BE League of legends Smurf account feels, with a wide pool of champions to purchase from and embark on your conquest on your second account, and even on your main account. The thing is, no matter how good you are, when your MMR takes a bashing, that means you become more prone to the matchmaking algorithm that places you with newbies at the lower rung of the ladder. And it is for this reason that preserving your precious MMR should be your major concern going forward. We help you achieve this with our secondary account. 

Whether combinations, builds, or champions, you’re going to get the perks of a level 30 account that is battle-ready for embarking on your voyage of in-game discovery. This account also comes from the region of North America, which we know is a repository of the best streamers and gamers, and also a region popular for their religious followership in the League of Legends community. This also means you don’t have to wait around for excruciatingly long hours to be paired. for With 150,000 Blue Essences, you don’t have to worry about splurging on the champions you actually fancy to tip the scales in your favor. 

Reaching level 30—the minimum requirement to access ranked games—is no ‘piece of cake’, it’s utterly time-consuming. From being paired with people who are just not on your skill level to meeting internet trolls and having to play with freaking bots, your long ride to level 30 just got set to be the longest ride you’ve had in your gaming experience yet. Having to labor through 200+ matches is just hella crazy. And even if you’ve got the time on your hands, you could put it to better use. Parting with some cash for experience boosters also will not let the headaches go away because yo0u still get to play give-or-take 70+ matches. 

Being a ‘Level-30’, with a shitload of Blue Essence (150,000) to rake in the required champions in your roster puts you at a vantage point, because now you get the opportunity to test new champions without running the risk of wreaking unprecedented havoc on your ELO and match history. As an added perk, once you’ve ‘paid your dues’, learned rigorously through experience, and armed yourself with the know-how to blaze through matches, you could even jet off and smash your personal best records on your main account!

Our second account offering is a blank cheque. YOUR blank Cheque. It’s your last salon ticket to ‘League of Legends’ stardom. You want to jump on this invitation to an absolute gaming treat, so, when you’re asking friends what the hardest part of adolescence/adulting has been for him and he says “building a reputation on the League of Legends ranked games”, you’re ROTFL because you just can’t relate—and, of course, telling ‘em how it’s the simplest thing ever!

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