North America 50,000 BE

NA League of Legends Smurf



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50,000+ Blue Essence

This account comes with 50,000+ Blue Essence which can be used to purchase champions of your choice.

Level 30+

This League of Legends Unranked smurf is Level 30. You get the highest quality LoL account on the market.

Email & Password changeable

The LoL smurf comes with Unverified email, It means that you can change email address and password to your preferred.

Unranked All Seasons

The ranked status for this account is unranked, meaning that the account has never played any ranked game before. Fresh MMR.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

If something happens to your LoL account, you’re covered by our guarantee! We will make a replacement if something goes wrong.

Instant Deliver 24/7

When you buy an smurf from us, it will be delivered to you instantly via email. Our automated systems work 24/7.


Playing your way through the ranked games unscathed might feel like a dreamer’s dream. But it’s possible. You can achieve this using a second account where you make your missteps and learn the ropes so that it’s absolutely nothing new when you’re on your main account. 

HappySmurf gets you pumped with the thrills of waltzing through your ranked game matches without fear of your MMR taking a hit as we offer you our Unranked North American 50,000 BE League of legends Smurf account boasting as much as 50000+ BE for you to buy your favored champion—and more!

With this, you can test and try out new strategies and explore a world of endless possibilities in your matches, also building up your experience among great company that’ll certainly set you up to be an absolute monster of an opponent when you begin using your main account. 

You can also rest easy in the knowledge that you’re rolling with the dopest streamers and coolest kids as our account originate from a North American region that is never short of all the competition and all the experience you need to excel on your own journey. (If you didn’t know, North America has the 3rd biggest community). Even the best-ranked players have their second accounts on stand-by to preserve their MMR on their main account. 

Not to sound villainous, but there’s no point trying to be a ‘superhero’ when a few bucks can see you pass the incalculable time and relentless grinding that progressing through 200+ matches means for you—even with the boosts you get to purchase in the game. Really. Especially when considering that when you purchase these boosts, you still have to go through 70+ matches. But all that’s still ‘scratching the surface.’ Some matches will have you screwed over with a skewed algorithm that wastes your effing time with the selection process, and when your opponents do arrive, you find out that their skill levels’re a pile of cow dung—SH*#T!

But there’s a way out. Happy Smurf is here to put the ‘happy’ in your smurfing. Our Unranked North American 50,000 BE League of legends Smurf account begins at level 30. And there’s more. With Fresh MMR for all players to enjoy the ranked mode experience without the untold hardship that comes with losing your ELO and the preparation you need for the ranked world when on your main account, the juice couldn’t be more worth the squeeze!

Talking about juicy offers, it comes at the cost of just a few bucks, and you’re completely secure in your [purchase in that our accounts are unverified. This allows you to take full possession and ownership. All you have to do is to insert your email address and verify it as yours—and yours only. You also get a lifetime warranty that means you’re getting a brand new account if there are any defects on the account that we’re responsible for. 

It’s time to show these punks who’s the boss. Are you ready? You better be, because we’re chanting your praises and screaming your name from the rooftops—we’re rooting for you!


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