Europe West 100,000 BE

EUW League of Legends Smurf



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100,000+ Blue Essence

This account comes with 100,000+ Blue Essence which can be used to purchase champions of your choice.

Level 30+

This League of Legends Unranked smurf is Level 30. You get the highest quality LoL account on the market.

Email & Password changeable

The LoL smurf comes with Unverified email, It means that you can change email address and password to your preferred.

Unranked All Seasons

The ranked status for this account is unranked, meaning that the account has never played any ranked game before. Fresh MMR.

Lifetime Ban Warranty

If something happens to your LoL account, you’re covered by our guarantee! We will make a replacement if something goes wrong.

Instant Deliver 24/7

When you buy an smurf from us, it will be delivered to you instantly via email. Our automated systems work 24/7.


The EUW 100,000 is an insane fit for you if you’re looking to go big or go home. With no limits of champions in mind, our epic 100k BE League of Legends smurf account offers you the license to cherry-pick your champions without the fear of a splurge. You also get Level 30 (as it is with all our unranked League of Legends smurf accounts!) and this can only set you up for the time of your life while playing. 

A little bit about human psychology—Our struggle to locate the easy button is present in every part of human existence. So when you’re getting an account such as our League of Legends smurf account, You’re just being one—human. You’re just doing what any sensible human would do given that it affords you an easy route and minimizes the barriers to entering ranked games. 

100000 blue essences mean you’re up for an anatomically correct handful of champions—one that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, it originates from Europe West, a region famed for being one of the most crowded servers. League of Legends household names like Foxdrop, Wicked (we can’t assure you that his name doesn’t say what’s on the tin!????), and Froggen. They’ve got some of the game’s finest and that can only be a good thang for you. It means you get to progress with some of the finest players on your journey as you level up your ELO

If you want to go it alone in leveling your new account to 30, it’s possible. But trust me, you don’t wanna be that playa. Champ! 

. . . It’s a long and lonely road. It’s not just time-intensive, but most of the players you get to be paired with are noobies with abso-bloody-lutely nothing to learn from—not the best for honing your in-game skills. There is also no working your way around this terrible matchmaking system/algorithm, meaning you spend more time, money, without even getting to enjoy and immerse yourself in the process.

If trying new champions, testing out new winning strategies, and putting together an array of swashbuckling combos are your thing, then you’re going to want to hop on our offer. Why? It’s simple. Exploring these aspects to improve your gameplay comes at the risk of ruining your ELO rating. It gets even tougher when you try these out with people who are not in your skill level. 

. . . and that’s where having a second account becomes an indispensable part of your ‘boss it’ strategy where you can go through the phases of rank-climbing. Our lifetime warranty means you’re fully covered if any defect or fault of our own arises from your use of our League of Legends smurf account. We’ll give you a brand-new one (at no cost to you.) We’re just a ‘contact us’ webpage away. This LoL a smurf account has also never been used to play ranked mode (unranked). So it works a treat to enjoy with lower-ranked friends

Now, the entire server awaits the triumphant entry of one of its most valiant, resilient, and ruthless players. It’s time to prove your mettle, having scaled through the temporary pull-back of a crappy ELO rating and dominate the League of Legends ranking headlines. 

But then, why crawl through the ranks when you can breeze past the pecking order and immerse yourself in some real action? The ranked space awaits you at the top (at ‘level 30’ experience!)  


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