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Hand Leveled

Handleveled - EUNE

Product Description

Want to start all over on EUNE? These are the benefits of buying an EUNE LoL HandLeveled account

All of these accounts are leveled up by hand by our professional levelers, this means that there is 0% chance the account will get banned

Account is leveled only with ARAM Games

This Handleveled account contains:

✅ 20.000+ Blue Essence
✅ 20+ Capsules
✅ 0-10 Champions
✅ Level 30+
✅ Unranked All Seasons
✅ Lifetime Ban Warranty
✅ Recovery Details Inc.

Are you ready to dominate the Rift and showcase your League of Legends prowess? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a Handleveled EUNE account from HappySmurf. Elevate your gameplay, climb the ranks, and create unforgettable memories on the battlefield. Your journey to excellence starts here!

Account Checkout $34.90
  • Lifetime Ban Warranty
  • Instant Delivery 24/7
  • Email & Password changeable
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