LPL Spring 2022 Is More Competitive Than Ever

The Chinese region has always had a lot of strong teams. After all, the best LPL competitors played in the Finals of the last 4 League of Legends World Championships and won 3 of them. But in each case, the number of teams that had dominated the Chinese events was quite small. In 2022 however, no less than 5 teams look capable of winning LPL Spring.

The Situation in LPL Spring 2022

LPL Spring 2022 has entered its 6th competitive week and so far, the battle has been fierce. The rankings table speaks for itself.

  • 1st place: EDward Gaming: 7 W – 1 L: +11
  • 2nd place: Weibo Gaming: 7 W – 1 L: +10
  • 3rd place: LNG Esports: 7 W – 1 L: +9
  • 4th place: Royal Never Give Up: 7 W – 2 L: +7
  • 5th place: Victory Five: 6 W – 1 L: +6

In the case of EDward Gaming and RNG, the good results make perfect sense. After all, both of these teams competed in the Playoffs of Worlds 2021 and EDG ended up winning the tournament.

Unlike DAMWON Gaming, which changed most of its roster after placing 2nd at Worlds 2021 and ended up having a much weaker squad for the new season, EDG kept its roster unchanged and the decision has paid off. The team is currently ranked 1st in LPL Spring 2022 and the only rival that managed to beat it was Weibo, which happens to be ranked 2nd. In case the name doesn’t sound familiar to you, this is actually the former Suning, which finished 2nd at Worlds 2020.

Royal Never Give Up started the new season poorly, with a painful defeat against FPX. But immediately after that loss, the roster started playing a lot better and ended up winning 6 consecutive matches. The 2nd loss came against Victory Five, in the 5th week.

Big Surprises

The big surprises of LPL Spring 2022 have been LNG and Victory Five. In LNG’s case, the situation is partly explainable because the organization finished 12th – 13th at Worlds 2021, 3rd – 4th at Demacia Cup 2021, and made a series of roster moves at the end of 2021, which were obviously inspired. The players who joined are Ale (Top), Doinb (Mid) and LvMao (Support).

But what about Victory Five? This team was completely irrelevant last season and until this year, it was never on anyone’s radar. So how did it rise so fast to the top?

To understand Victory Five’s success, it’s enough to take a close look at its roster, which got changed completely at the end of 2021’s regular season. Among the players who joined the club are two South Koreans: Rich and Rookie. One came from Nongshim RedForce and the other from Invictus Gaming. It’s quite interesting to see that China is now importing South Korean talent and this is not specific only to Victory Five. Many other LPL teams have decided to do the same.

Finally, one last secret of Victory Five seems to be the org’s decision to have 9 players as part of the main team instead of 5 or 6. This encourages friendly competition and it also makes training sessions much easier.

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