LoL Ultimate Spellbook
LoL Ultimate Spellbook
LoL Ultimate Spellbook
LoL Ultimate Spellbook

LoL Ultimate Spellbook

Nov 14 , 2021
LoL Ultimate Spellbook

LoL Ultimate Spellbook is an excellent game mode introduced by Riot Games in 2021. This mode is similar to Dota 2’s Ability Draft, offering players the possibility to pick their ultimates from a variety of options. In other words, you get to play with and against modified champions.

LoL Ultimate Spellbook Rules

League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook uses accelerated pacing that can be found in other game modes as well. This means that you start from a higher level (3) and with a larger amount of gold (950). Furthermore, passive XP and gold are significantly higher. Teammates who play in the same lane share minion gold.

Regardless of what ultimate you pick for your champion, you will get to keep in for the rest of the game.

In Ultimate Spellbook you queue up in a blind pick style champion select and receive 30 seconds to make your choice from a pool of 3 ultimate. If you don’t make the choice yourself, the first of the 3 ultimates will be automatically be assigned to you.

In League of Legends Ultimate Spellbook, you can use your ultimate after the initial 135s cooldown, even if you aren’t level 6 yet.

Every player has 70 summoner spell haste, bonus HP, +15% Tenacity and +40 MS OOC.

Ult-ernate Summoner Spells will level up at levels 11 and 16 and are augmented with Summoner Spell haste.

No two champions from the same team can have the same ultimate. To ensure this, the options you get to choose from are uniquely yours. Other players get to choose from different pools.

At the moment, there are around 40 ultimates to choose from.

Because of the specific conditions imposed by LoL Ultimate Spellbook, many champions start with a series of buffs or debuffs. For instance, Bard deals +5% damage and receives -5% damage.

How to Play LoL Ultimate Spellbook

From an objectives standpoint, LoL Ultimate Spellbook is played just like a standard LoL game. The rules regarding champions and their abilities may be slightly different, but almost everything else is the same. So don’t be afraid that you might not know what to do and ruin the other players’ experience. Just try it and you’ll have a lot of fun.


LoL Ultimate Spellbook will become available again with patch 11.23. This patch will be released on November 17th.

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