How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player
How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player
How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player
How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player

How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player

Sep 16 , 2021
How to Train Like a Professional LoL Player

If you want to master League of Legends, the first thing you need to do is train like a professional LoL player. And that requires you to do a number of things, which I will talk about below.

Play with Intent

It’s easy to play mindlessly and go from one game to the next without even trying to understand why you won or why you lost. Or to pick a different champion each time not because it’s a good pick, but because you want to experience more variation. However, it is not always easy or fun to set goals for yourself and then do the necessary work to achieve them.

For instance, if you want to master a champion like Yasuo, you will need to play it against a wide variety of compositions and stick with him for at least one training session at a time.

Watch Your Own Replays

Watching replays is not the most fun part of your training. But it’s extremely valuable and essential if you want to become a better LoL player. You simply cannot understand why your strategy worked or failed until you rewatch the game while being able to see what both sides are doing.

While you watch a replay, you should take notes whenever you learn something important. Every “a-ha!” moment is better remembered if you write it down. And the more of them you have over a period of several months or years, the more important it becomes to store them somwhere so that you may have a chance to come back to them at a later time and ask: “Do I still apply this? Do I still believe this is how I should play?”

Learn from the Best

Whatever role and champions you want to master, you will make progress much faster if you analyze POV replays of the the world’s best players. Seeing what they do, how they move, what combinations of abilities they use, what items they buy, how they farm, and so on, will allow you to optimize your playstyle significantly.

Take Coaching Sessions

If you can find a good coach and you afford to pay for LoL coaching services, they will speed up your progress and improve your training routine by a lot.

Take Care of Your Body

A lot of professional LoL players take good care of their physique. And that’s because a poor physical condition translates into annyoying pains, decreased motivation, decreased focus, decreased levels of energy, and much more in the long run. If you want your mind to be sharp, make sure its body is well fed, well rested, and in excellent physical condition.

Don’t Neglect Your Education

League of Legends is a strategy game. If you lack the intellect required to properly analyze every situation, understand it in depth, and then make good decisions, you have no chance of winning against an opponent who posesses such superpowers. So what do you do? You train your ability to think rationally, solve problems, make good decisions, communicate with others, and strategize.

For instance, you can read The Art of War by Sun Tzu. Or study game theory. Or learn about critical thinking. High performance requires high intellect. Train your mind and it will assist you in making smart decisions.

Train with a Team

Any pro player will tell you that training with a team and training alone are two different things. No matter how much you solo-queue, without training with a team (even if it’s an amateur one), you will not be able to learn how to truly teamplay. In pub games, most teams are just 5 individuals playing their own solo game. In real professional teams, everything is planned out and everyone knows to what degree they can rely on the others.

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